MaREC - The Magnesium REACH Consortium:

MaREC is a consortium of several companies from different industry sectors:

  1. primary producers
  2. secondary producers
  3. particulate producers
  4. semifinished producers
  5. foundries

All members are involved in Magnesium production and /or import into European market and they established MaREC for cooperation in order to comply with the requirements of REACH for the phase-in-substance Magnesium.
In particular, they undertake to pursue jointly the following objectives:

  1. Development of Core Data for the Substance Mg
  2. Preparation of the chemical safety report and the guidance on safe use of the Substance Mg
  3. Filing the Joint Dossier for registration of the Substance Mg by the Lead Company

Details of cooperation are governed by the "Magnesium REACH Consortium Agreement".