Special offer to Mg JS participants for tonnage band ≥ 1 to 100t/y with Registration deadline 31. May 2018.
MaREC grants saving of 7000 Euros if they purchase Mg data before 31. May 2013.
If you are interested go here.


Registration deadline for tonnage band ≥ 100 to 1000 t/year is stipulated by
REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006.

Mg SIEF members interested in Mg Joint Submission participation are recommended to start their activities right now not to lose time and to avoid risk of missing the registration deadline.
Cost for acquisition of Mg dossier data including i5z template, CSR, ES and guidance documents is 42000 Euros.
All SIEF members should have already access to “Mg SIEF” section of MaREC webpage where relevant details are provided.

If you missed to register on MaREC webpage in the past and you want to participate in Mg JS please contact with indication of:

  • official company name
  • partyUUID
  • pre-registration number
  • official e-mail address
  • name of representative


Mg Lead Registrant's dossier has been submitted successfully by Magnesium Elektron Limited on 25.10.2010.
Joint Submission participants can now start to submit their individual dossier.


List of Identified Uses as well as Mg dossier template including instructions for preparation of individual dossiers is available for download.


Token for Mg Joint Submission is ready for dispatch with expiry date 2010-10-22. Interested SIEF members are requested to settle their payment not to jeopardize registration by missing the deadline.


Application for participation in Magnesium Joint Registration is available now on Mg SIEF section of MaREC webpage.
Mg SIEF members interest in Joint Submission of the Mg Registration Dossier including access to dossier data equivalent to Letter of Access (LoA) are invited to visit Mg SIEF section and conclude the Mg SIEF Agreement.


Mg SIEF has been formed after evaluation of the pre-SIEF Query 01.


The Mg SIEF Section has been started!